What is Ten Minute Tidy?

Ten Minute Tidy is a simple little app for families and housemates to manage household chores.

Your chores are divided into "ten minute" jobs, which can be given to individual household members, with one tap of your finger. 

Once a job is assigned to a person, it can be auto-assigned the next time it needs to be done. Or you can move the job to assign to a different person.

Customize this application for all your family and household and get everyone involved in the weekly chores!

Why is Ten Minute Tidy useful?

1. You don't need to write up chores each week. You don't need to find paper or pens.

2. You have a permanent record of who completed their jobs and who didn't. 

3. Previous jobs are automatically assigned to the best person. 

4. New jobs are shared evenly between all family members.

5. Instantly see how many jobs each person has, to keep it fair. 

6. Have a record of how many jobs were done and how long each job took.

7. Now in version 1.1, jobs are displayed in red if they are overdue, and grey if they are not due yet.

8. Also new in 1.1., you can now change place icons to suit your own places.

Ten Minute Apps

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- Ten Minutes Together for creating sharable slideshows of your everyday events!

- Ten Minute Time Capsule for recording and annotating your family's special moments. Coming soon!


New version 1.2!

* Scheduling jobs, weekly or monthly.

* Switch and choose place icons.




Pasted Graphic.pdf

bed.png  Places 

"Places" are the rooms/areas in your house and garden. On the Places tab, tap the + button to add a new place. Choose an icon to use for your new place.

user-female-orange45.png  People 

People can be added by name or title. On the People tab, tap the + button to add a new person. Choose an icon to use, by selecting 'boy' or 'girl'.

chair.png  Jobs 

Jobs are assigned to a specific place. On the Job tab, tap + to add a new job to any number of places. New in version 1.1, scheduling of jobs! Select a 'weekly' or 'monthly' schedule or just leave 'anytime'.

table.png  Work 

Current jobs are auto-assigned to one person to complete. Assign a job to someone else by switching to edit mode (tap the "Edit" button) and dragging a job to another person.

house.png  Past

Past jobs are listed by date with person, completion status and duration.

study.png Requirements

Ten Minute Tidy is a universal application for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad*

* Requires iOS 4.3 or greater


Quick Help 

Need to assign a job to someone else?

1. Go to the 'Work" tab.

2. Tap the "Edit" button. You will see the sorting bars icon on the right of each listed job. 

3. Tap and drag the sorting bars to move a job from one person to another.

4. Tap "Done" when you're finished to save.

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